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With GM and Coach in Place, Next Up For Armor Is Filling Out The Roster

Ridiculous Upside
Ridiculous Upside

Milton Lee and Bob MacKinnon Jr. are now in place as GM and head coach for the Springfield Armor. They've hired Chris Carrawell as the team's assistant coach. Now all they need are players. In the latest edition of "Destination Springfield", the Nets' series on the Armor's development, MacKinnon spoke of one thing he likes in players: a winning attitude.

"It's just recruiting guys when you're in college. You recruit guys in college to come in and help you win. If they're not winning on the high school level, they're probably not going to help you win on the college level," says MacKinnon. "I think developing players, getting them to have a winning attitude, is part of developing them, part of them becoming pros."

The Armor brass has already watched national tryouts in June and September and will be on hand again at the end of this month for local tryouts in Springfield. The D-League draft is the first week of November with games beginning November matter what's going on with the NBA.