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King, Complementary Player and GM

When Billy King was at Duke, he understood his role, as a defensive specialist and on-court leader. He was, in the Duke scheme of things, the ying to Danny Ferry's yang. Ferry's role was to score; King's was to take on the top offensive player on the other side and stop him. He was the complementary player.

It's something, Ben Couch writes, that serves him well as GM. "Upon arriving in New Jersey, when scouts mentioned a certain player(s) couldn't shoot, King redirected the focus to team needs for rebounding and defense and what the roster offered in those areas. Instead of building an All-Star team, he set about creating a complementary roster in which each player is as vital as any other."

Couch also quotes Coach Mike Krzyzewski on his 1987-88 captain's management style: "He has a unique ability of being able to bring people together. He has the ability to listen and then do something really good with what he had just heard".