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Stone Back at the Bottom of the Hill: CBA Talks Break Down Over BRI

Whatever hope existed for an early settlement of the CBA Friday morning died Friday afternoon, with the two sides failing to come close on the key issue of BRI split, despite progress on the "system" issues. Moreover, the possibility of an 82-game season died Friday, with David Stern expected to announce more cancellations soon. No new talks are scheduled.

"It's not practical, possible or prudent to have a full season now," said Stern. "There will not be full NBA season under any circumstances"

The players will not accept a 50-50 split, union executive director Billy Hunter said. "Derek Fisher and I made it clear that we could not sell the 50-50 deal to our membership. Not with all the concessions that we've granted. We've got to have some dollars."

Sources told Chris Broussard that Hunter spoke to players earlier Thursday and reiterated the union's stance that players want at least a 52-48 split of basketball-related income.