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Avery Tours His Brooklyn Domain

Ben Couch - New Jersey Nets
Ben Couch - New Jersey Nets

In the jargon of the Barclays Center architects and construction workers, the area is called either the "Nets campus" or the "basketball campus".  It describes that section of the arena reserved for the people the fans comes to see, the players and coaches.  Along a 135-foot long corridor, from the media room to the training rooms and ultimately to the practice court, the Nets will have a state-of-the-art facility what used to be called a "locker room".

Avery Johnson got his first look at the area Thursday, using images on his trusty iPad to visualize what things will look like.  He was pleased. "The thing that I’m really excited about is, I just had the chance to see the players’ locker rooms, our coaches’ offices, Tim Walsh’s training rooms, the weight-training area, my assistant coaches’ offices, the media room, the practice court. I’m just really excited."