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King Talks About "Scouting"

It's hard to imagine Billy King talking about "scouting" in Turkey without the trace of a smile on his face, but apparently he resisted in explaining his rationale for a 10,000 mile trip last weekend. "It was a scouting trip," King told Al Iannazzone. "I went on a nice scouting trip. I saw some good young talent."

Indeed, as Iannazzone reports, there was some good young talent on the court when Besiktas Milangaz played Pinar Karisyaka – 6'9" forward Ilkan Karaman and 6'6" swingman Birkan Batuk of Karisyaka, both 21. And one of the best young point guards in Europe, 16-year-old Kartal Ozmizrak, is a Deron Williams' back-up.  Oh, did we mention D-Will?  For shame.

King tells Iannazzone that he is getting ready for some serious scouting soon as the Nets make plans for looking at the top talent for the 2012 draft and yeah, being ready for free agency whenever the bell goes off.