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Finally, "Progress" in CBA Bargaining; 82-Game Season Still "Possible"

After a 15-hour bargaining session, the two sides emerged this morning to announce that indeed "progress", even "significant progress" had been made in the collective bargaining talks, a new session will be held beginning Thursday afternoon and that  a full 82-game schedule is still, theoretically, possible.

"There’s no question today was a better day than last Thursday," Deputy Commission Silver said referring to last week's disastrous session and press conferences. "I think it’s too early … still in the negotiations to express confidence we’re at a deal. There’s, no question, though, we did make progress on some significant issues. But there are still some significant issues left."

The two sides dealt primarily with "system issues", like the luxury tax, on which significant progress was made; exceptions like the MLE, contract lengths, etc. The thornier issues, the split of BRI, still has to be dealt with but Wednesday's talks were not preconditioned on a 50-50, as last Thursday's had.

Once an agreement is reached in principle, the the union and owners will have to ratify it. At least three weeks will be needed to get the deal written up, allow teams to sign free agents and hold abbreviated training camps. All that could , push the start of the regular season to Thanksgiving weekend or the first week of December. A new schedule will have to be drawn up, with replacement games tagged on at the end of the season.