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Raising The Roof At Barclays

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

The latest images of Barclays Center, one on the center's Facebook page and another tweeted by a fan, clearly show the first roof panels have been installed at the Nets' Brooklyn arena. The Facebook image taken Monday morning shows four large panels already in place. By md-afternoon, the Nets had released a new image showing a fifth panel. Installation began last week. 

It's another major step for the arena.  In recent weeks, the weathered steel facade has been extended from its starting point on Atlantic Avenue around to the rear of the arena on Sixth Avenue and is now being emplaced along Flatbush Avenue as well. The roof superstructure is now moving from east to west as well as west to east. As of last week, 85% of the arena steel was in place.  Also, part of the project: art along the scaffolding that surrounds the project.