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Avery: "I Need a Training Camp"

New Jersey Nets
New Jersey Nets

Specifically, Avery Johnson was addressing how he's put on seven extra pounds this off-season and needs a camp to sweat it off, but coach obviously would like to see his players, perhaps know who his players will be. 

"There's always something to do," said Johnson at a youth camp at the PNY Center Sunday. Previously, he's talked about using the time to work with his assistants on game strategies and with the front office on free agent planning. He's also headed to the Barclays Center construction site  Wednesday to get the latest on the arena, which has become a focus.

"We're different from some other teams because we have a new building being built, and we think this building is going to be really, really special," He said. "As a matter of fact, I'm going over on Wednesday to take an updated tour of the Barclays Center, so fortunately we have that to think about."  One thing he's like to check out is progress on the "Nets campus" within Barclays, the term used to describe the team's locker room and other facilities.