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In Springfield, A Tryout To Die For

Ridiculous Upside
Ridiculous Upside

Among the 46 prospects (in some cases a generous description) who tried out for the Armor yesterday was Jay King, a reporter for the Springfield Republican, who last played for Skidmore College Thoroughbreds. King probably didn't make the cut, but he didn't "toss any cookies" and was treated kindly.

"I’ll tell you what," Milton Lee, the Armor GM, said after yet another failed King jumper. "You’re not shy to pull the trigger."

The Armor, aka Lee, coach Bob MacKinnon and his assistant Chris Carrawell, will select five of the 46 to attend Armor training camp next month. If they make it , the job pays between $13,000 and $25,000. About a dozen former Division I players showed, including Eugene Harvey, the former Seton Hall point guard, and James Smith, a seven-footer who's played two years in the D-League.