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What Is This "Brooklyn Taste"?

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

GQ published an article this week on Brooklyn's restaurants, entitled, "Brooklyn is the Coolest City on the Planet." Never one to shrink from a marketing opportunity, Brett Yormark used it to push the next big theme at the Barclays Center: something called the "Brooklyn Taste" experience.

"GQ has realized Brooklyn is the place to be," said Yormark. "We already know that, of course ... While GQ raves about the delicious culinary options in the borough, in the next few months we will introduce our Brooklyn Taste experience that will draw on Brooklyn’s dynamic food scene."

"What is this Brooklyn Taste?" we asked, our appetite for detail whetted. "It will be the coolest and most comprehensive culinary program in any sports and entertainment venue," said a Nets spokesman, who declined to be more specific "We'll make a big announcement soon, but this arena will have the best flavors and tastes of Brooklyn." Junior's Cheesecake? Bark's hot dogs? Brooklyn Lager?