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Reality Finally Dawning in Orlando

Brian Schmitz, the senior Magic beat writer, admits Sunday what has become increasingly obvious to those outside central Florida: Dwight Howard wants out and the Magic should prepare for the possibility of a trade.

The Magic need Howard and his agent, Dan Fegan, to answer two simple questions AGAIN (I'm sure they've already asked in some form):

1.Will you stay if we can coax Chris Paul or Deron Williams to Orlando?

2.If not, where do you want to play?

Schmitz goes through each trade scenario that the Magic could be faced with, starting with Andrew Bynum and the Lakers and then quickly turning to the Knicks and Nets. Of New Jersey/Brooklyn, he writes, "He could join Williams and Jay-Z. Magic could get back C Brook Lopez, players, picks … but I let Howard walk instead of adding contracts to balance trade." Of course with the Nets having a small payroll, balancing the trade may not be necessary.

All this follows an exchange of tweets with a fan earlier in the week where Howard noted, "I have to live for me. I can’t make everybody happy.”