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So Where Does Prokhorov Stand?

Mikhail Prokhorov arrived and departed New York with barely a whiff of publicity this week. He briefed the Board of Governors on progress at the Barclays Center, heard about revenue sharing, got his picture snapped with Irina Pavlova and his trainer. Then after 33 hours on the ground, he was gone, back to Moscow.

He wasn't in the room for CBA negotiations. So where does he stand on the labor issues? "Hawk" or "dove"? Ally of the Suns' Robert Sarver and the Trail Blazers' Paul Allen or the Knicks' James Dolan and the Lakers' Jerry Buss? There are hints coming out of East Rutherford that he doesn't want the season cancelled, wants to move forward, which would seem to put him in the "dove" camp.

The Los Angeles Times agrees. The Times notes, as did Darren Rovell Friday, that it's in his and the Nets' best interest to get things settled quickly. Prokhorov has "new TV deal, [plus] new arena [coming] in Brooklyn," a basketball official tells the Times, good reason to want to play. Meanwhile, the overall situation remains ugly, with now a touch of race added to the proceedings.