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Are Nets "Nadir of Nomenclature"?

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

We thought this whole renaming thing was settled when Jay-Z stood in front of mic, itself in front of the Barclays Center, and announced the team would be called the "Brooklyn Nets". Nope.  Alexander Nazaryan, a Daily News editorial board member, won't let a sweet thing die.

In an op-ed piece this week, Nazaryan argues that the Nets represent the "nadir of athletic nomenclature", which means he thinks the name stinks.  He gives all the usual reasons having to do with a woeful heritage and how the Nets are the only team in all of pro sports named after a piece of athletic equipment. (Perhaps someone should explain to him why  everyone in sports is called a "jock".)

Whatever. So, ignoring the team's decision, he suggests some other names, drawn from Brooklyn's history. They're all interesting no doubt, but Alex, it's done already, leave well enough alone. The Brooklyn Abolitionists? Really?