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Rovell: Nets A Big Lockout Loser

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

CNBC's Darren Rovell, both online and on-the-air, names the Nets among the big losers in the NBA lockout.  He ranks them No. 4 on his list of seven losers. Why? "With a spanking new arena awaiting the team in Brooklyn next year, a year lost could cool the appetite to watch a team who, let's face it, hasn't proved themselves on the court."

Indeed, owners have admitted that they probably will not fulfill all their revenue commitments to bondholders by Opening Night next September. In the most recent filings last month, revenues had reached 56% of the commitments.

Rovell also suggests that the Nets face on-court risks from the lockout. "A lost year could mean the team might lose Deron Williams forever, making it difficult to lure other free agents. The new location is nice, but a year of apathy will immediately dull the impact of the move to the Barclays Center." His biggest loser? The Knicks.