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King in Turkey! Who's He Scouting?

Billy King had an interesting tweet early this morning, New York time: "Turkish Air nice planes weird rules".  Since Turkish Air Lines doesn't fly the Newark-Philadelphia route, we figure he's in Turkey, where Deron Williams plays Saturday against Pinar Karsiyaka SK of Izmir.

The game will be played in Izmir on the Mediterranean, which also just happens to be a favorite jet-skiing venue for a certain tall Russian fellow who left New York Thursday for Moscow.  Mikhail Prokhorov also is building what is billed as a "seven-star resort" in Izmir. 

Bojan Bogdanovic is also playing Saturday, four hours earlier and about 200 miles to the east.

Under NBA rules, team personnel can attend games if they're open to the public...but can't talk to the player.