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Amnesty May Be 75% Of Contracts; Rookie Incentives, Small MLE Likely

Ken Berger reports in his labor talks update that under an owners' proposal, amnesty wouldn't be 100% of a player's remaining contract, but more like 75%. 

The player would get all the money owed him, but only 75% of the contract would come off the salary cap and luxury tax.

In the case of, say, Travis Outlaw, who's owed an even $28 million, his salary would be carried on the books at $1.75 million per year (rather than $7 million) over the next four years. 

Beyond that, Adrian Wojnarowski reports the two sides are nearing agreement on "system" issues like incentives for rookies who win Rookie of the Year or make the All-Star team and a smaller ($5 million) and shorter (three years) mid-level exception (MLE).