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Hope But Little Progress After 7 Hours

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After a seven and a half hour bargaining session on a Saturday no less, there were high expectations among fans that owners and players were nearing a breakthough in talks to end the lockout, now in its fourth month. Nope. While both sides reported things were progressing, both also emphasized they were nowhere close to a deal.

"We're not near anything," David Stern said. "But wherever that is, we're closer than we were before." How close no one would say, but the key issues, a hard (or less soft) cap and the split of basketball related revenues remain unresolved. Billy Hunter said, "It's a pretty wide gulf that we're dealing with."

The two sides are taking Sunday off, then will talk in smaller groups Monday in New York. It's likely another week of preseason games will be canceled in the next few days, then after that, if there's no progress, the first week of the regular season, scheduled to start November 1.