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Overpaid, Underpaid, But No Outlaw

Now that seemingly interminable ESPN ranking of the top 500 NBA players is done, some of the same experts are crunching the date to come up with other rankings, including the most overpaid, most underpaid and the most and least efficient, all according to the rankings. And the Nets figure in all of it...but not Travis Outlaw.

Among the most overpaid is Troy Murphy, who was ranked #263 but was overpaid by more than $8 million. That puts him eighth on Larry Coon's list.  Brook Lopez, on the other hand, is underpaid by nearly $10 million at #51. That places him 9th on the underpaid list, writes Coon.

But Coon also reports that the Nets are the "team that got the least for their buck".