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SLAM Ranks D-Will 10th

So the final numbers are: Sports Illustrated #7; ESPN #9; SLAM #10 and CBS Sports, #16. 

Those are the rankings of Deron Williams by the four big hoops sites.  The latest, from SLAM, whose Doobie Okon, offers the richest analysis of the Nets point guard's abilities.

After comparing Chris Paul and Williams, Okon writes:

He’s a true floor general. In his short career with Utah, Deron often drew comparisons to his Hall of Fame predecessor, John Stockton, but Williams actually called many more plays for coach Jerry Sloan than Stockton ever did. He’s been running basketball offenses his way since high school, and clearly all of his coaches have always trusted him with their offensive schemes.

Meanwhile, D-Will responded to his ESPN ranking with a tweet, "Feel blessed to be CONSIDERED one of the 10 best players in the world. #NBArank! Thanks for the support from my fans and haters".

  • Top 50: Deron Williams, no. 10 - Doobie Okon - SLAM
  • For D-Will, No. 9 is just fine - Mike Mazzeo - ESPN New York