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Talks to Resume Wednesday After 16-Hour Session Produces "Little"

George M. Cohen is a tough taskmaster.  The head of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service kept players and owners going for 16 hours Tuesday and into Wednesday morning. And they will be back at the table starting at 10 a.m. Wednesday after only an 8-hour break. Also, he got the two sides to stop talking to the media.

Neither side would comment when talks broke at 2 a.m. but in a signal some progress might have been made, the owners agreed to continue talking. The original plan was for the owners to step away from the talks Wednesday to prepare for a Board of Governors meeting.  But after the marathon session, they agreed to keep going.  The board will now meet later Wednesday to discuss the talks and revenue sharing.

But Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted that that gap between the two sides had only closed on "small stuff".  On progress, he quoted a source saying "Very little (had been made). Still not anywhere near a deal." The luxury tax formula appeared to be one major sticking point, with the owners wanting a tax that would make it difficult for rich teams, like the Nets, from going overboard with big contracts.