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Back In May, D-Will Said He'd Already Begun Recruiting For Nets' Future

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Sometimes, the Internet gives up its riches slowly, hiding bright, shiny nuggets for an interview FOX Sports host Brent Ringenbach did with Deron Williams five months ago.  It just arrived Monday in a Google Alert.

Ringenbach talked to D-Will during the Black Ops Call of Duty promotion in California, and although it's in sync with other things the Nets point guard has said, there was some interesting points of focus.

In particular, he spoke about how he sees Mikhail Prokhorov as "dedicated to find ways to win a championship", which he "loves"; and how Avery Johnson and he have formed a "good relationship" and "looks forward to playing for him."

He also talks about how he had already begun the free agent recruiting process and wants to emulate Dwyane Wade, bring in big names and win. "Hopefully, that's the plan," he said with a smile.

On the trade:

"It was a little unexpected, took a little while to process and for the little cloud to go away. It wasn't the best timing for my family, but it's a new chapter, a new challenge and I look forward to it."

On whether he'll stay a Net:

"We'll see. we got to see how things go in free agency, get some guys in there. The organization has been so great to me, you know, in my little time there, making me comfortable so I'm defintely going to have to look hard at it."

On Mikhail Prokhorov:

"(Prokhorov) definitely has cash. I've had a couple of sitdowns with him, had some good conversations. He's a nice guy, definitely motivated to win, which you have to love and dedicated to find ways to win a championship.  That's what you want to hear".

On whether Prokhorov asked him to do "recruitng D-Wade style":

"That's my job anyway. Got to do my job. I've already started and keep going." 

On whether he has players in mind:

"Of course, but I can't really name names."

On Avery Johnson:

"He's been great as well, when I talk about the organization, from top to bottom, they've made me feel great and Coach Johnson is a big part of that. You know, we've had a short time to be together, but we've formed a good relationship.  We talk still and I look forward to playing for him."

On getting top recruits to join him, and getting the Nets to the championship:

"Hopefully, that's the plan (smiles)."