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Armor Waiting on Scottie Reynolds

As the Armor front office (in effect the Nets) sorts through scouting reports and video in preparation for the D-League draft on November 3 and works out local prospects, they also await word from their best player from last season. Point guard Scottie Reynolds has yet to inform the Armor if he'll return to Springfield next season. 

The Armor hold Reynolds' rights as well as the rights of those who've been on their roster the past two years. Reynolds has until October 31 to decide.

Reynolds averaged 13 points and 6 assists last season, missing only four games. Reynolds, who led Villanova to the Final Four in 2009, is the only first team All-American since 1976 to go undrafted through two rounds of the NBA Draft.  Over the summer, he played in the Phillipine Basketball Association, where he was dumped by his team midway through the PBA Finals because of "inefficiency."