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D-Will Shooting Woes Still an Issue

Deron Williams
Deron Williams

After a disappointing loss to Dexia Mons in Belgium 12 days ago, Besiktas has come alive, winning its fourth straight game Sunday, this time by 38. 

Deron Williams had another bad shooting performance however, shooting 2-for-10 (1-for-4 from deep) in the TBL season opener. Besiktas won three games last week in the Champions Cup competition. 

D-Will did hand out five assists in the game, playing just 23 minutes in the blowout over Banda Red. In the last four games, Williams has shot just over 40% overall, hitting a third of his three's.  Marcelus Kemp, a 6'5" 27-year-old out of Nevada, scored 27 for Besiktas. Cavaliers center Semih Erden had 13 points and 8 rebounds.