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With NBA Stars Fully Empowered, CBA Talks Become Complicated

Henry Abbott of True Hoop writes a must-read column Saturday, an examination of what went wrong last Tuesday. After word of progress began leaking out of a hotel suite in midtown Manhattan, it was crushed by the reality of increased and increasing intransigence, fueled in part by star power and more subtly race.

Abbott writes that the big issue remains the BRI split and that while some in the room thought 50-50 was possible, others inside and out did not. Beyond the confusion over the numbers, Abbott writes the entrance of star players like Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce complicated things.

And he notes, the die may have been cast last year when LeBron James took on the role of GM in assembling a super team in Miami. "James did what 1,000 players have been dreaming of doing for years -- he acted fully empowered," writes Abbott. "It's a business revolution with young black men, basketball players, in the corner offices. A new way of doing things, long overdue, and happening now."