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Prokhorov Returns To Political Fray, To Join New Party Opposed to Putin

Mikhail Prokhorov's political career is not over.  In fact, he may become an even more high profile opponent of the Kremlin in a party that he would recreate using his considerable wealth.  Russian media is reporting Friday that he may join and even head the Union of Right Forces, known by its Russian abbreviation ATP.

Prokhorov signaled his continuing interest in politics earlier this week. On Tuesday, meeting with students of the Moscow International University, the Nets owner said that he intends to return to politics. The main task at the moment is the development of training program for a political cadre, what will be his platform, and with whom he intends to return.

ATP is, unlike his previous party, is not a creation of the Kremlin.  It is so opposed to the authoritarian policies of Vladimir Putin that election officials have denied it the right to run a national campaign, citing its lack of membership. Boris Nemtsov, the party's current head and a friend of Prokhorov, has called for national protests of October 22 under the slogan: "Let's put an end to this regime!"