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Petro: "Exciting Time" To Be a Net

Have no fear, Nets fans.  Johan Petro is here to tell you that no matter what the short term problems are, long term, "It's an exciting time for this franchise".

In a lengthy article on his official website, Petro talks about his coaches, teammates, owner and Brooklyn, offering positive comments about each.  Of Avery Johnson, Petro is particularly effusive in his praise: "Avery is a player's coach. He's like an older teammate. He played in the league so long and recently that he know what we're going through."

Deron Williams, he writes, "is just incredible. I think he is underrated for what he does." He has similar praise for Brook Lopez: "I'm trying to get to know how Brook draws so many fouls, but it's hard.'  He also says that Mikhail Prokhorov "is really involved in the team and anything that affects the team. He proved this year that he will try to make things happen and if the number one option isn't working, he has a Plan B."