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Prospect of Lost Last Season Looms

People are now thinking about the unthinkable: the NBA could lose the entire season, the second time a professional league would shut down because of a labor dispute.

The two sides are "very, very far apart", separated not by a "gap" but by a "gulf", say lead negotiators for the two sides.

In interviews on NBA TV, Reggie Miller and Charles Barkley say they would not be surprised. "They (the owners) absolutely do want to lose the season," said Miller.  Barkley added, "If the players don't agree to 50/50, they will not play at all this year."

In fact, six NBA team owners are veterans of the NHL shutdown in 2004-05, which they believe they won.  For Nets fans, of course, a lost season would have special meaning.  It would mean the Nets will have played their last game in New Jersey vs. the Bobcats on April 11.  No surprise, writes Al Iannazzone.