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Arena Fast Reaching Milestones As Neighborhood Begins To Change

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The latest construction update on the Barclays Center shows significant milestones have been reached or are about to be, including the start of facade work on the arena's Flatbush Avenue front, installation of the first elevators and escalators both in the arena and the Transit Connection and partitioning of suites and the Nets locker room (aka "Nets campus").

The most visible milestone will be the "installation of curtain wall and curtain wall/lattice panels" along the Flatbush Avenue in the coming weeks. Much of the weathered steel facade along Atlantic Avenue and Sixth Avenue is already in place and most of the arena will soon have been "wrapped". At the Transit Connection,  "construction of the staircase is substantially complete ... construction of the station roof near is progressing."

Meanwhile, the Post's Katherine Dykstra writes about how the neighborhood around the arena is already changing.