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Don't Look for Good News in CBA

In "day after" wrap-ups by writers who cover the NBA labor talks, there's a lot of information and analysis but none of it encouraging.  Writers are beginning to consider the possibility that the lockout could extend the full season (or longer!).

Among the high (low?) lights: Zach Lowe's inside look at why the NBA's version of a "soft cap" looks a lot like a "hard cap" to players; Ken Berger and Chris Sheridan's mea culpas; Ian Begley's interview with Amare Stoudemire on a players league; Adrian Wojnarowski's (predictable) rant about David Stern; Sam Amico's call for a "timeout" between now and the next round of talks; Howard Beck's provocative analyis of what's at the bottom of it all; and Darren Rovell's retweeting of messages from arena and team employees --including one from a Nets ballboy.