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Brooks Frustrated, Outlaw Anxious

@MarShon2 via Twitter
@MarShon2 via Twitter

Stefan Bondy spoke to MarShon Brooks and Travis Outlaw Monday on the lockout, which now threatens to carry deep  into the season, denying one a chance to show what he can do on the big stage and the other an opportunity for redemption.

But the highly anticipated rookie and the disappointing veteran (who could face amnesty) both expressed frustration at the prospect of lost games or even a lost season.

"I am frustrated, I want to play basketball, but it's out of my hands," said Brooks, the 25th pick in June's draft, adding that he's "spending smartly" while maintaining the lifestyle of a student. He continues attending classes and working out at Providence.

"I know I’m way better than what I showed last season," Outlaw said from his home in Starkville, MS. "I just have to come in there to prove a point and make my team better."  He told Bondy he's doing "a lot of running. I’m putting myself in the best position possible."