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Sides "Very, Very Far Apart", First Two Weeks of Season Canceled

Reports of progress turned out to be a myth.  After seven hours of discussion, David Stern came out of the NBA labor talks to announce that "I'm sorry to report ... that the first two weeks of the season have been canceled."  Stern said the two sides remained "very very far apart."

Derek Fisher agreed, emphasizing that missing any games puts the season in jeopardy.  "This is not where we choose to be," he said. "We're not at a place where a fair deal can be reached with the NBA."

The Nets' official schedule has already been updated. As of now, their season would begin Nov. 16 in Oklahoma City, and their home opener would be Nov. 21 against Golden State.

Gone are home games against Detroit, Milwaukee, Dallas and Minnesota, as well as road games at Washington and Miami.