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Progress!? You Kidding Me!?

With apologies to Jim Mora's rant about playoffs, we offer some news from inside the NBA labor talks: While the dispute over the BRI split hasn't been the subject of discussions either Sunday or Monday, it appears there have been fruitful discussions (progress?) on one of the testier issues: the size and shape of the MLE.

David Aldridge reports and others confirm that agreement is close "a new, shorter mid-level exception for free agents". Owners have wanted that, feeling that the MLE has been particularly troublesome as the amount of a full MLE has skyrocketed to $37 million over five years.

The two sides have reportedly pursued agreement on the "system" issues, like salary cap, a super luxury tax, the length and maximum salaries on contracts and perhaps others like amnesty.  Adrian Wojnarowski tweets that "Stern could call for 'postponement' of 1st two weeks of regular season - not a cancellation - if progress warrants more talks', source says".