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When Lockout Ends, Expect Nets to Get Offers for Morrow and Farmar

Alex Raskin, who covers the Nets for HoopsWorld, is quote in colleague's report as saying a number of teams are interested in Anthony Morrow and the Nets would be willing to part with Jordan Farmar if the deal didn't involve taking on a long-term deal. Both are in the second year of three-year deals. Farmar has a player option in June.

"There is plenty of interest in Anthony Morrow, but the Nets don’t have any desire to move one of the best pure shooters in the league, especially at the bargain price of $8 million over the next two years," writes Bill Ingram quoting Raskin.

"The one player who is of interest around the league whom the Nets would actually part with is Jordan Farmar."

Raskin also is quoted saying Deron Williams is likely to go where the most money can be found, but also, "New owner, new arena and new city can’t hurt."