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Deal Sits as Nuggets "Waffle" and 'Melo Doesn't See It Happening

The Nets trade with the Nuggets and Pistons seemed to be in limbo as midnight struck in the East Monday.   Carmelo Anthony, in an interview after another Nugget loss, told reporters "I don't see it happening", but wouldn't talk about timetable.  The comment seemed to leave uncertain the status of talks which heated up over the weekend, then stalled.

Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Anthony Carter and Shelden Williams were all on the floor for the Nuggets as they lost  the Hornets on Sunday night.  About the same time, back in New Jersey, the Nets' frustrated front office packed up their  iPads and headed home...although at that point it seemed possible talks might resume before morning.

With a deal --that could be the biggest in NBA history-- close to being done, the Nets and Pistons expected the four Nuggets to sit out. Adrian Wojnarowski reports that New Jersey and Detroit are set on the deal, but Denver "remains vague" with what they want. The hold-up may be about the mix of players, how much in contracts Denver will be willing to take on rather than picks.

"The deal is close," an NBA official told Al Iannazzone. "But Denver is looking to hit a home run."  Still, Nets officials remain optimistic a deal will get done and have important allies on their side: 'Melo's agents.

Iannazzone reports as well that DaJuan Summers, a little used Piston forward, would be sent to the Nets and Wojnarowski writes that "to make Billups comfortable", the Nets will likely agree to pay him $14.2 million next year instead of using the $3.7 million buyout in his contract.  Moreover, the Nets are trying to add another team to re-route Johan Petro away from Detroit. Benjamin Hochman of the Denver Post hinted it could the Rockets.