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Details Emerge as Deal Gets Closer, But A Game of Chicken with Denver

Al Iannazzone and Adrian Wojnarowski are reporting the basic parameters of the three team deal that could be completed as early as tomorrow. Wojnarowski and Chris Mannix are also reporting that Carmelo Anthony is "on board" with the deal as long as the Nets acquire Richard Hamilton. "Melo will sign with Jersey. Nets are completely convinced of that now," Mannix quotes a league executive as saying. 

But as the deal got closer, Fred Kerber reports Denver's front office began to drag its feet, reportedly pushing  hard for a third first round pick, something the Nets don't want to give because it would leave them with limited resources to do other deals. While some had thought the final impediment would be Detroit's reluctance to take on Johan Petro, it now appears that Denver wants more. Officials do remain optimistic.

According to Iannazzone and Wojnarowski, the Nets would receive: Carmelo Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Shelden Williams and Anthony Carter from the Nuggets and Richard Hamilton from the Pistons.  In return, the Nets would send Devin Harris, Derrick Favors, Anthony Morrow, Ben Uzoh, Quinton Ross, Stephen Graham and two first round picks to the Nuggets, and Troy Murphy, Johan Petro and possibly a first round pick to the Pistons.  Terrico White, originally reported as coming to New Jersey from Detroit, is now out of the trade. The status of DaJuan Summers, also reportedly headed to New Jersey, remains unclear.  Meanwhile, Chris Broussard is tweeting that the deal is "on the 10-yard line".

With the player issues now basically worked out, the reporters say the teams are working on the allocation of first round picks.  The Nets have six over the next three years, three of their own, plus the Lakers in 2011 (protected 1-18) along with the Warriors in (protected 1-7) and the Rockets (lottery protected) in 2012.  The Nuggets are believed to be getting the Nets' 2011 pick and the Warriors' 2012 pick.