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"The Playoffs!?! You Talking About The Playoffs!?!"

Jim Mora, of course, made the line famous and Avery Johnson tried to mimic it Friday morning when beat writers asked him about Kris Humphries' comment that he thinks the Nets could "slip into the playoffs".  Instead of reacting like Mora ("I'm just hoping we can win a game!), Johnson saw the goal of the playoffs as a good thing.

"I think he’s trying to keep a fire under our team," Johnson said of Humphries. "Right now for me as the coach it’s about us improving. Devin Harris had the same reaction. "Those are realistic goals if we can play consistently and give the type of effort we did against the Bulls," said the team captain. “Then yeah it’s definitely a possibility."

Al Iannazzone also reported on the three team deal discussed by Chris Broussard. "There is truth in that story," he wrote, but quickly added it is one of several trade scenarios out there.