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Disagreement Over Draft Pick Killed Three-Team Deal Last Month

In spite of denials that a three-team deal was close last month, Chris Broussard reports that it almost got off the ground, but fell to earth when the Nuggets and Cavaliers disagreed over a draft pick. Both wanted the second best pick in the Nets' basket of picks...the Warriors' first rounder, protected 1-7, in 2012.

Brossard reports: Denver would have received Derrick Favors, Devin Harris and three first-round picks. Cleveland would have received Troy Murphy and one or two first-round picks, and the Nets would have received Carmelo Anthony, Al Harrington and the Cavaliers' trade exception, the sources said.  The Cavs have a $14.5 million TE from the "trade" engineered after LeBron James decided famously to leave Cleveland.  The Nets would have received part of the TE.

The Nuggets hoped to be able to deal Harris and other parts to Portland for Nicolas Batum and Andre Miller, but the Blazers had no interest in dumping Batum.  Bottom line, reports Broussard: wait till the trade deadline.