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Prokhorov Back In Newark Jan. 19

The Nets are 3-1 with Mikhail Prokhorov in the building. They'll get another chance to show him what they can do on January 19, when he returns for "An Evening of Russian Culture". The game vs. the Jazz --and Prokhorov's pal Andrei Kirilenko-- marks the start of a five-game, seven-day homestand.  It's uncertain how long he'll stay.

"We would like to use this opportunity to introduce the Nets to the Russian community in greater New York City as we prepare for the move to Brooklyn," said Prokhorov. "It will also be a chance to give Nets fans a taste of Russia.  I'm sure it will be a fun night, and I'm happy to be attending."

The evening will include Russian music to be played during the game and "other entertainment". Didn't Prokhorov say back in July that he was looking into hiring the Red Army Choir and the Dancing Bear Collective?