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Lopez Biggest NBA Disappointment; Nets Off-Season Also Bad - Hollinger

John Hollinger has named his All-Disappointment Team and his poster boy is Brook Lopez.  Worse than that, Hollinger believes Lopez is no longer much of a magnet for Carmelo Anthony.  "He's talented and he's only 22, so there's still hope that he can emerge into more of a force," writes Hollinger, once a big fan. "Alas, it increasingly looks like New Jerseys' big man will merely be a serviceable starter rather than a perennial star."

Hollinger (again) chastises the Nets brass for a terrible off-season, holding out hope for only one of the five big acquisitions: Travis Outlaw!  "He's played more effectively in the past as a smallball 4, and could move into that role if the Nets ever get a Melo deal done," he writes.