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Sheridan: No Extension, No Deal; Iannazzone: New "Movement"

Chris Sheridan gives his latest assessment of Carmelo Anthony's situation in ESPN's Daily Dime Thursday. He writes that while the Nets are willing to take on additional Nugget contracts, the Nets won't make a deal with Denver unless Anthony agrees to an extension that would keep him in Brooklyn through 2015.

"Team officials have their doubts as to whether Anthony would ever give that OK," writes Sheridan, reiterating his previous reporting on the extension. "But they are exploring all trade options -- including taking on additional long-term money from the Nuggets -- in the event that the pressure of leaving all that money on the table prompts Anthony to change his mind."

Meanwhile, Al Iannazzone is tweeting that he hears there's new "movement" on the Nets side of the trade talks with the team "looking at multiple things, multi-team or two-team deal". He reports the Nets are willing to give up three picks in a deal: their own in 2011, as well as the Warriors (protected 1-7) and the Rockets (protected 1-14) in 2012.

Anthony told the Denver Post in mid-December, "Wherever I go, I'm going to sign an extension." He is eligible for a $65 million extension of his current contract, which has an early termination option in July.