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King: We Had A Guy We Liked For 10-Day But Injury Intervened

In discussing 10-day contract signings, Billy King told Jessica Taff before the Bulls game that the Nets almost signed a player to a contract but had to postpone the deal because of an injury.

"We had a guy we liked, we reached out to him and he had sprained his ankle the day before.  So we're going to keep an eye on him and in a couple of weeks, hopefully we'll get him in," said King. "We thought we had someone we'd have here today."

King added that the Nets are thinking they might even sign someone to a deal for the rest of the season, not just a 10-day.  The Nets GM also spoke about Troy Murphy's frustration, Kris Humphries' "career year" and Sasha Vujacic's "belief in his abilities."