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E! Can't Get Enough Kris and Kim

E!, the entertainment news channel, wants you to know they are all over this Kris Humphries - Kim Kardashian romance, assigning three reporters to the story.

On Sunday, E!'s source reported that "K-Squared" and The Hump spent the afternoon snowmobiling on a farm in rural Minnesota.  It was part of a "wonderful" weekend, his press rep told E!  Although the Nets lost, E!'s source reported Kris "played really well in the game and Kim was cheering for him the entire time."

Then, Monday, another E! source tracked the two to a wine bar in Hoboken, where they didn't drink wine!!  "She had hot tea and he had water, along with bruschetta and pizza," the source told E! 

Also joining them on their "Jersey jaunt" was "a tall, unidentified male", reports E!  Wanna bet he plays basketball? Meanwhile, the local paper in Minneapolis reports that Kim has a nickname for Kris...It's "Roman" as in Roman God. We've got nothin' on that.