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Hollinger: Nets Will Get Better...But Not Much

The Nets go into Wednesday's game vs. the Bulls 9-24. Mathmatically, that would project out to a final record of 21-61.  But John Hollinger thinks that's a bit pessimistic.  A bit. He thinks, based on computer modeling of the league's schedule, that the Nets will finish 27-55, about seven games out of the playoffs. The model factors in things like strength of current schedule vs. future schedule.

Of course, that computer modeling doesn't have access to what's going on inside team front offices and what could happen at the trade deadline. Deos he mention a trade of Carmelo Anthony? Yep, but only how it affects Denver. He writes of the Nuggets "no matter how good the terms, they're going to take a step back in 2010-11."