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King: Slow and Steady on Trades; Nets Will Sign a 10-Day Player

Billy King spoke with the beat reporters on Tuesday and said that while everyone seems spun up about trade rumors, he isn't.  In the NBA race, King seems himself as the tortoise. Fred Kerber described his mentality as slow and steady...noting that the Nets DO have contingency plans if the Carmelo Anthony deal falls through.

"You can’t be short-sighted and do something quickly just to make people think, ‘Oh OK, now they’re doing something,’" King said. "You want to do something that’s long lasting."  As for questions about 'Melo wanting to join a team of superstars, the Nets veteran GM, said what's important is "to show them you’ve got a franchise headed in the right direction." He added that he thought that despite their 9-24 record, the Nets are moving forward.

Avery Johnson added the Nets will "absolutely" sign a player, not yet identified, to a 10-day contract.  Wednesday is the first day teams can sign players to those short-term deals, but nothing is imminent. As for health issues, Jordan Farmar and Troy Murphy were back at practice and Anthony Morrow said his return is closer than people think.