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Numbers Tell Positive Story About Favors...As Nets Try To Deal Him

There doesn't appear to be that much new in the pursuit of Carmelo Anthony which the Nets will renew this week.  The Nets are still offering Troy Murphy, Derrick Favors and picks to Denver and the Nuggets would still like New Jersey to cure all their ills by having the Nets bring in multiple teams and send off multiple picks.

There have been some suggestions, not confirmed, that the Nuggets are not as enamored of Favors as they had been, with Favors' glaring inconsistency.  Mark Ginocchio, writing for The Point Forward, compares Favors' progress over his first 31 games with other 19 year olds and finds him in good company.  Using per 40 minute stats, Ginocchio finds that Kevin Garnett, Dwight Howard and Amare Stoudemire performed at about the same level as Favors.