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Power Rankings - Glass Half Full or Half Empty Edition

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John Schuhmann takes a glass half-full view of the Nets last week. Rather than looking too deeply at the team's two losses in Indianapolis and Milwaukee, he focuses instead on the team's 4-1 home record. moving the Nets from #26 to #25. "Thanks to a 4-1 homestand, the Nets were the first team to exceed last season's win total," Schuhmann writes. "But then they got spanked in Indiana and Milwaukee. They're allowing 109.9 points per 100 possessions on the road, where they've lost 21 of their last 22 games, as opposed to 101.6 at home."

Marc Stein is a half-empty kinda guy. He's looking at the two road losses, one a blowout. "Nuggets at Nets on Monday night. Melo's lone scheduled appearance of the season at Prudential Center, writes Stein. "Sources say that a bigger crowd is expected postgame in Melo's locker room than for the actual game."

The two stats guys are similarly divided. Jeff Sagarin puts the Nets at #25, John Hollinger at #27.