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Game 49 - Nets vs. Nuggets - Monday, January 31, 7:00

Remember when the circus came to town and you got so excited? Get ready, here comes the clowns, the dancing bears, the jugglers and Carmelo Anthony. After three failed trade scenarios, culminating in a cold, unsmiling "nyet" from Mikhail Prokhorov, the Nuggets and Nets will actually play a game in Newark. At least 15 of the players who'll take the court Monday were offered in one or more trade scenarios. Now they'll get a chance to actually play against each other.

The Nuggets lost to the 76ers Sunday night. Before that, they had won four straight, including three on the road, mainly on the efforts of the two players who would have headlined a trade to the Nets: Anthony and Chauncey Billups. As for the Nets, they will welcome a return home, having lost badly to the Pacers and Bucks on their short trip to the Midwest. Jordan Farmar, who missed both games with a bad back, remains questionable.

In talking to reporters in Philly, 'Melo again said he didn't think the Nets would revisit trade talks. “As of right now, I don’t think the Nets will be calling," he said. "Nobody’s going to come out publicly and do a press conference publicly and go back on their word. Especially a man (Prokhorov) like that.”