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Prokhorov: One Team At a Time... Well, At Least For Five Years

New Jersey Nets
New Jersey Nets

Last summer, Mikhail Prokhorov had to say "No" when asked if he was interested in saving the Devils, whose owner may have signed Ilya Kovalchuk to entice him. 

Before that, there was Charles Wang of the Islanders joking about he's thinking of taking Russian lessons and Prokhorov denying interest in either buying the club or moving it to his new Barclays Center in Brooklyn. 

Now, with the Mets owners struggling to find cash to bail them out of the Madoff scandal, Prokhorov was asked (by the Daily News) if he would be interested in making a strategic investment in the woeful Mets. (Doesn't Prokhorov ever get asked about buying into winning teams?)

"He’s not interested in buying any more U.S. franchises," Prokhorov's publicist told the Daily News. "He prefers to focus on one he already has."  Meanwhile, in an interview with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, a Russian sports site quoted Prokhorov as saying he wouldn't consider buying another American sports franchise no earlier than five years. For his part, Bettman said the league would have no problem approving Prokhorov as an NHL owner.  "We are interested in capital of the candidate, the details of a possible deal and the plans for a new owner, for the future of the club."