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Space...The Final Frontier

The coach's lecture Monday was about spacing and how the lack of it is hurting Brook Lopez break out of triple teams. Talking about Saturday's game, Avery Johnson said, "They had three guys surrounding him, and our spacing wasn't very good. Because of that we couldn't get the ball back to him and we didn't do a good job of playing on the weak side."

Johnson conceded Lopez needs to be more aggressive, but Devin Harris put most of the blame for the debacle on his shoulders. "It starts with me," Harris said. "When we have an outing like that, especially in the third quarter, where we didn't score for six minutes, it's got to come back to me. It's not the coach's fault. He can only call the plays. I've got to put the guys in the right position."

In medical news, Troy Murphy (flu) wasn't around, Jordan Farmar (right knee) expects to practice Tuesday and Anthony Morrow (hamstring) might begin light on-court shooting by the end of the week.