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Nets Happy With Their "Assets"

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The Nets may or may not be "done" with Carmelo Anthony.  Most pundits believe that if Denver calls again (they haven't yet), the Nets won't hang up. 

But as they go through "withdrawal", as one official put it, the Nets are consoled by their recent success and will happily rattle off the ages of their rotation players, their cache of draft picks and amounts of their expiring contracts.

"The two things that are always important to have are assets, like [draft] picks and expiring contracts," Bobby Marks said. "And the other thing that's important to have is flexibility from a cap standpoint."

But beyond that, they have Derrick Favors, who would be in a Nugget uniform Monday if the last iteration of the trade had gone through.  He has been playing well since Mikhail Prokhorov ordered team officials to walk away.  Ask Zach Randolph. "He's tough. He has great upside," Z-bo tells Alex Raskin.